*Open View Operations with Windows 7.5 (OVOW) and Network Node Manager 7.51
(NNM) for both Windows and UNIX platforms*

* *

* *

*Location: Dayton, OH*

*Contract starting April 1st (6 months)*

*Qualified candidates MUST have experience with the following:*

- *5+ years of experience in Open View Operations for Windows 7.5 (OVOW) and
Network Node Manager 7.51 (NNM) for both Windows and UNIX platforms***

- Experience in designing, implementing and troubleshooting policies

- Good working knowledge of Smart Plug-ins for Windows, Linux and UNIX.

- Knowledge of scripting in Visual Basic and/or Perl.

- Experience working with Alarm Point integration with Network Node Manager
would be helpful

- *Excellent communication skills and the ability to work autonomously*

* *

*Daily activities include:*

- Base lining – They will assist in creating a set of baseline policies for
various platforms. (UNIX, Linux, Windows, DB, etc)

- Event Management – Troubleshoot current environment and assist in
correcting policy errors and agent problems.

- Automation Tools – Assist in creating automated tools for NOC Operators to
perform more troubleshooting and problem solving.

- *OVOW Migration* – *This is the migration of Open View Operations and
Network Node Manager from UNIX platform to Windows.* Most of the work is
complete but this is where the Alarm Point integration experience would be

****Candidates must be able to pass background and drug screens.


*Best Regards*

Nihaki Systems,Inc.
Tel:  732  823  6471*103*

*Cell: 856-457-4875**
Fax: 732 438  6973
Email: **ch...@nihaki.com* <ch...@nihaki.com>
*URL: **www.nihaki.com* <http://www.nihaki.com/>

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