I have a new req *in San Francisco. The Client is in Banking Domain.*

Do you have any consultants that are very strong in F5 Load Balancers???

$52 c2c per hour

**Candidates must be YOUR employees!!!!

*Position Description:  *

Experience Level: 7-10 years technical background and 5-6 years directly
related web engineering experience.

*Description: *

Acts in a high-level technical role by consulting with client and IT
management in the resolution of highly complex, technical problems involving
creation of Web sites and e-commerce applications and their integration into
the existing computer systems.  Upgrades and maintains the systems that
employ scalable, advanced technologies and methods to integrate Web systems
with existing systems, enabling the creation of new Web enterprises or
expanding existing business onto the Web.   Tracks the development and
implementation of the Web application systems support infrastructure for
e-commerce, Web-based customer support and Web interfaces to databases.
Directs gathering statistics to assist in determining hardware requirements
and communication bandwidth to support projected transaction volumes and
response time and system availability targets. Typically acts as a
project/team lead

The Engineers work with or on all the retail web sites including the public
site, the secure sites, and supporting back end systems.  The Engineers plan
and collaborate on the road map of adoption for new vendor hardware and
software.  The Engineers work with many of the internal ISD teams and
vendors when evaluating the new and existing vendor software.  The engineers
work with the security and audit teams to implement and adopt the ever
changing needs of each team.

*The position requires the engineer to create detailed and well written
install guides, install guide templates, and/or standards documents. * The
position calls for the engineer to provide preproduction support during
normal working hours and to be on call during the evenings to support your
project installs (frequency is usually one to two times a month).  The
engineer needs to be well spoken to clearly communicate and discuss the
documents, designs, install guides, support documents, system specifics, and
project specifics.  The engineer needs to support multiple projects in
flight with many deliverable dates scheduled over the next few days to the
next six weeks.  The engineer needs the analytical skills to research new
product updates, new competitor products, and timely patches and hot fixes.

*Minimum Qualifications*

*In depth experience on F5 load balancers, version v9.*  Applicant needs to
have the ability to create and troubleshoot iRules, knowledge of iControl,
explain the High Availability functionality, Rateshaping, explain connection
mirroring, and the ability to provide install guide commands in CLI.  A high
degree of F5 experience is required for this position.

Applicant needs great attention to detail when creating install guides and
standards for the various environments.  The applicant needs excellent
verbal and written communication skills when supporting the different
technologies in preproduction, and when assisting the production support
group.  Knowledge of additional competitive technologies is desired.

*In depth experience with Sun One Web Servers v6 and v7.  *The applicant
needs to demonstrate the ability to explain how the web server works,
describe the settings in the main configuration files, describe how the
certificates work on the web server, and describe SSL termination and
handshakes with load balancers and application servers.

*In depth experience with IBM MQ versions 5.X, 6.X, & 7.x.*  The applicant
needs to demonstrate the ability to explain what MQ provides to an

*In depth experience with Sun Solaris 8 and 10. * The applicant needs to
demonstrate the ability to explain Sun Containers, LDOM, and Physical
Domains and what they provide for virtualization.

Knowledge of SAML 1.1 and 2.0.

In depth experience with CA Wiley Introscope v7.0 and 7.2 for the EM and the
agent.  The applicant needs to demonstrate the ability to explain what
Introscope is/does, how to install Introscope, how it connects to the EM
server, what is a dashboard and how to use one and create one, how to create
and use reports, how to create and use pbds, and how to create and use

In depth experience with *Veritas Volume Manager and Veritas Clustering*.
The applicant needs to demonstrate the ability to explain what Veritas
Volume Manager and Veritas Clustering do.

4 year degree and 7+ years technical experience with 5+ years web experience
or equivalent combination of education and experience.

In depth experience with Sterling Commerce Direct Connect 3.6 and 3.8.  The
applicant needs to demonstrate the ability to explain how the direct Connect
software works and how to configure the application.

*Preferred Skills*

In depth knowledge of Java (jdk) versions 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 is desired.
Knowledge of when and where to use the different jdks and what the
dependencies are for each major version of corresponding software and

Additional desired knowledge in Sun N1, IBM Rational Clear Case, Linux Red
Hat 4.X, scripting ability in Perl and/or shell, XML, and IBM Rational Clear

Platform and Skill Set Expertise:

Web Development : Java,  UNIX, iPlanet, Middleware : MQ Series, Middleware :
WebLogic, Systems Administration : UNIX, Shell Scripting,  Linux,  Perl

PLEASE SEND candidates!


Sameer | Recruiter
347-414-9685 | 347-414-9742
Yahoo IM: sameer_sinha7

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