Vlastimil Ott wrote:
Dne Út 23. června 2009 19:10:56 jste napsal(a):
Dotan Cohen wrote:
Vlastimil, do all your leaves have a common root? The shortcut keys
open and close a node, so you would have to be on the root node to do
that. If you have two open root-level nodes, the shortcut keys won't
close them both.
This should not be the case. When testing here these keys
collapse/expand _all_ nodes regardless of the nesting structure.

No, sorry, they don't - it really affects the current node only.

I have many 'roots', at present ten, with nested subtree structure.

That is definitely a bug - although I'm at a loss what can cause it. These key bindings directly call the functions Gtk2::TreeView->expand_all() and collapse_all() which are clearly documented to expand / collapse all nodes.

At least I can not re-produce this effect here - what versions of Gtk / Gtk-Perl do you have ?



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