Dear all,

After repeatedly postponing I finally decided to release a first beta
version. This version is not yet feature complete with respect to the perl
version, but it is becoming more and more stable to the point that it is
actually useful for daily use. Going forward I will try to stick more to the
"release early, release often" motto.

You can find both the source and an ubuntu package here:

I try very hard to prevent bugs from thrashing any data, but please DO
backup your notebooks before trying this version.

What is in this release:
* Wrapped lines in bullet lists are indented properly
* Moving a page also moves sub-pages and attachments
* Deleting a page also deletes sub-pages and attachements
* After deleting a page the user is moved away from that page
* Added a web-based interface to read zim notebooks
* Distinguishing between "move page" and "rename page"

Translations availabl for Dutch, French, German, Ukrainian and Spanish

What is still missing:
* Version Control plugin(s)
* Tray Icon plugin and background daemon

If you want to help making future zim releases more timely, please do help
with testing, documentation and translations.

When you find bugs during testing please report them for the pyzim series,

If you want to help with documentation, have a go at improving the manual
and let me know.

For helping with translations go here:


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