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> I was looking to add functionality to make it easier to link pages (e.g.
> copy/paste page link and maybe drag and drop a page from the index pane) but
> was pleasantly surprised to find pretty much everything I was looking for is
> already implemented via *shift-^L* and even the drag and drop works.
> Perhaps the drag and drop is a new feature because I'm pretty sure I tried
> this previously and it wasn't there.
> I ran into one difficulty with utilizing the new functionality I was
> learning, in order to be effective from the keyboard, I need to change focus
> from the editor to the index pane to select the page I want to link to. This
> looks like it should be working with the *alt-space* key binding, but for
> me this key binding is tied to the GNOME window management menu ( Maximize,
> Minimize etc.). Which makes sense ... I think I knew that one already. I
> also tried the the *ctrl-space* option, but that one doesn't appear to do
> anything for me. Am I missing something or does using *alt-space* for this
> functionality conflict with common GNOME key binding?

You can use Ctrl-Space when it is enabled in the preferences. As of zim 0.51
Alt-Space is disabled since it conflicts in too many cases.

2nd question is about dropping in a new plugin somewhere. I was going to try
> the "Insert Snippet" plugin out. Do I have to put that into the Zim code
> base under zim/zim/plugins or can I put it somewhere else? (i.e.
> ~/.zim/plugins) It looked like I'd be able to put it into a directory in my
> PATH, but this didn't seem to work.

It needs to be in a folder in the Python path below a zim/plugins structure.
If you want to add it in a private folder it should be somehting like
~/.local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/zim/plugins/ (change it to your python

I was also wondering if there was any existing functionality which would
> generate some kind of display of the sub-tree structure under the current
> namespace? What I'd like is to be able generate a linked indented listing
>  pages under a sub-tree and paste it into the parent page. Kind of like a
> table of contents.

I think there are one or two open bug reports asking for something like
that, but currently it is not available.


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