Hello guys!

I have been in love with zim since the first minute. Specially love how easy it 
is to customise with python scripts and how it stores the notes in a 
folder/file structure allowing me to keep other types of documents together 
with the notes. This is not only tidy, it also enables me to access my notes 
even if Zim is not available with a simple text editor in any kind of device. 
That is the kind of flexibility I like for my notes applications.

There is just on tiny thing that is not perfect for me in this file structure. 
I was wondering what is the reasoning behind this design. 

I think it will be better if I explain with an example:

If I create a note A, I get a file name A.txt like this


Now if create a second note B, I get this:


Creating a subpage AA under the note A causes the creation of a folder A and 
the note AA inside it like this:

Something similar happens when you had attachments. If A.doc is an attachment 
for note A and AA.xls is an attachment for note AA, you get this:


What bothers me is that I get files belonging to note A along side with note AA 
and "away" from note A.txt. This means if I'm working in the context of note A, 
I am editing a note file A.txt which is in the root of this tree and editing 
documents inside the folder A along side with AA.txt which I don't really need.

If you always work inside Zim GUI, this is somewhat taken care of because the 
GUI interface allows for you to be editing the note while keeping the documents 
for that note visible in the same "screen". But I think this breaks a little 
that flexibility I so much love in Zim.

I was thinking about creating my own patch to solve this on my side without 
affecting Zim, but I was wondering if there is anything I am forgetting that I 
will break with this. And if not, it would also be interesting to know what you 
guys think about this and potentially officially change this.


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