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> The issue about not being able to have attachments with .txt has been
> discussed in a thread some time back. Using .txt for magic purposes in Zim
> has negative side effects. To my knowledge, all files named .txt are
> captured by Zim for page use. The same problem was encountered by Asciidoc.
> They used .txt as standard suffix, but it seems like things like github
> forced the use of .asciidoc in order to know what to do with the file. I
> think the same is kind of valid for Zim. In my opinion, Zim-formatted pages
> should have .zimwiki or .zimdoc or .zimtxt suffix to make them explicitly
> belonging to zim.
> I have issues with naming attachment directories AA-attachment as this
> prevent the possibility to put a zim notebook on top of an already existing
> directory structure. But this feature is crippled as soon as zim finds a
> .txt file not being an actual zim .txt, so I cannot currently use it that
> way. Redefining the zim suffix would help here.
> I once put some effort into changing zim to use .zimwiki instead of .zim,
> but the structure I wanted to zimify had to be restructured a bit anyway,
> so I started from scratch on the structure and skipped the patching, as I
> expected this to be a local change I had to rewind on every update of zim.

I think the folder structure and the suffix solve two different issues.

The folder structure changes puts the actual page in the same folder as
it's attachments and sub-pages. Rationale is to have all in one view when
you look with the file browser.

The suffix, or the "-attachments" folders solve a problem for indexing.
This is a problem I will solve differently when refactoring the index. The
idea is that zim will inspect the content of text files to determine
whether or not it are pages. I don't mind allowing alternative suffix as
well if that makes interoperability easier, but for default will stick to

As I understand it, this discussion started out with the first issue.
Second issue requires different solutions.


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