Dear all,

Since it has been more than half a year since I made a release and there is
a long list of unanswered bug reports and patches in my mail box, I would
like to give a short update on the project status.

The short summary is that most bug reports and patches send after April are
still in my Inbox. I did not forget about them, but simply have been
lacking free time to work on them. At various points I promised people to
look at them "real soon now". At this point I will stop saying that and
instead say that it will probably take another few months before I can work
on that backlog.

That does not mean that the project is abandoned - for from it - although
it may seem so if you look at the bug tracker. I still fully expect to
produce new releases in the coming years.

In the mean time I did look into why the community wiki on the website
stopped working. Turns out the php install of my hosting provider is no
longer compatible with the dokuwiki install. As an experiment I moved the
main content (*) to a github wiki.

So the community documentation can now be found here:

Feel free to contribute and document any hacks there as well.

If this works I also want to publish the manual as a github wiki, to make
it really easy to have more people editing the manual as well.



*) I did not move the development planning pages - looking for a different
solution for those - will update when I sorted that out
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