>From our point of view a notebook with a journal is not special at all:
each page is stored as a text file in the notebook folder. So if you have
some application for file syncing, it should work just fine.

I do not know at all this "Mozy Sync" application, so no idea why it would
have an issue specific with these notebooks.

To debug maybe try creating some files like "2014/01/01.txt" manually and
see if they can be synchronized.



On Sat, Feb 8, 2014 at 4:14 AM, Steve <> wrote:

> I have several Zim notebooks, one of which is a recently created journal
> named "Notebook My Journal 2014-0129". All of the notebooks are in the
> Stash\Notebooks folder. Mozy Sync uses the stash folder and I have the
> stash folder on several Windows 7 computers.
> I have been using the non-journal notebooks for a while and they are kept
> synchronized among the computers via Mozy Sync. The journal notebook,
> however, does not synchronize. Entries on one computer are not passed on to
> the notebooks on the other computers. Is there a configuration setting or
> something else I need to do to get the journal notebook to synchronize
> among the computers via Mozy Sync?
> Thanks.
> Steve
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