yeah, I'm not allowed to install zim, or I don't want to install zim. I use ubuntu, but these PCs are mostly windows.

So, given those informations we can go a head. :-)
May be some old topic about zim notebook sync are also available, because this raised already.
We should write some tutorial on an online wiki…

Can you recommend me a (free)

This free is for free hosting, freeware tools, both?

I don't have almost any experience with vim or ssh, but I'm still curious about this solution. Do I need to run my own PC all the time to reach zim with ssh?

ssh will allow you to remote connect on a linux, unix box. An Ubuntu like OS, or any online service running ssh server. Of course you will need a shell account.

So yes, the PC hosting the zim notebook must be running and be reachable over the network.

I wont detail it more for now, but you can do fancy stuff over ssh, even as Jaap said starting a foreign X11 app on a remote PC and displaying on your screen. In the same idea you can also run a virtual X server, say vncserver and connect to it and run all remote apps…

I may be unclear, or it could be difficult to understand, it's like windows remote control, or you may have ear about teamviewer…

So to sum up, one choice is to put the data, aka the notebook, on a remote reachable host, a PC or a server, office or any private hosting. Some home's hardware like network drive, may have such service too…

For example, on my wife's PC a can ssh connect and rsync her zim notebook on my laptop. Next merging its copy in my own Zim instance, etc.

The advantages of dropbox is that it's providing "natural" sync and remote hosting. Though, privacy may not reach your needs.

You may have noticed (or not) that there's a challenge about remote accessing the notebook data outside your local network (home, or office)… Depending of the sharing you will choose. ;-)

maybe a private online wiki or an other online notetaking app that can sync with text files. And yeah, I don't want to make my notes public.

Setting up a private wiki is an option, but it requires some technical skills, OK configuring ssh too, but it also may break Zim compatibility. It also has some common requirement with online sharing (remote always online computer…).

I hope this gives you the hint you needed.
Please ask for more details if some solution raised your interest.
Let us know what you tried, it could be useful for others.


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