Hi. I sent this off yesterday but it may not have got away properly - apologies 
to anyone who's already seen it.
First 'd like to say thanks to everyone who's helped to make Zim what is is. 
I've used cherrytree, RedNotebook, KeepNote and focusWriter and they've all had 
aspects that I've liked but until I came across Zim I hadn't found one program 
that had almost everything that I wanted.
Now for the main question:I like the journal plugin but it produces files in 
the format 2014:02:21, using today's date as an example, with the daily file 
simply labeled '21'. If I then use the backlink function how will I tell the 
difference between 2014:02:21, 2014:03:21, 2015:04:21. Is there any way, via 
template or otherwise for files to be produced in the format 
2014:2014-02:2014-02-21. As far as I can tell it's the page.name or basename 
functions that need to be tweaked but I haven't been able to tell which file 
needs tweaking to achieve this. Is there a way to do this?
Also:Is there a way to configure the tool bar?
Possible enhancement:I like the distraction free editing plugin but until a 
future version allows a background picture and transparency in the way that 
focusWriter does I'll probably be returning to that some of the time.
Note:The attachment browser offers a choice of locations when configuring it 
but only opens in the middle bottom - not really a problem and you probably 
already know about it.
Thanks again for the work put into Zim and I look forward to being productive 
with it.                                    
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