Not sure if I understand. 

When i want to create a link to a date I use CTRL+D (insert->date). It allows 
to create a link to the page of the day but using any kind of format for the 
text of the link.

On Sat, Feb 22, 2014 at 10:36 PM, Christopher Maxwell
<> wrote:

> Hi. I sent this off yesterday but it may not have got away properly - 
> apologies to anyone who's already seen it.
> First 'd like to say thanks to everyone who's helped to make Zim what is is. 
> I've used cherrytree, RedNotebook, KeepNote and focusWriter and they've all 
> had aspects that I've liked but until I came across Zim I hadn't found one 
> program that had almost everything that I wanted.
> Now for the main question:I like the journal plugin but it produces files in 
> the format 2014:02:21, using today's date as an example, with the daily file 
> simply labeled '21'. If I then use the backlink function how will I tell the 
> difference between 2014:02:21, 2014:03:21, 2015:04:21. Is there any way, via 
> template or otherwise for files to be produced in the format 
> 2014:2014-02:2014-02-21. As far as I can tell it's the or basename 
> functions that need to be tweaked but I haven't been able to tell which file 
> needs tweaking to achieve this. Is there a way to do this?
> Also:Is there a way to configure the tool bar?
> Possible enhancement:I like the distraction free editing plugin but until a 
> future version allows a background picture and transparency in the way that 
> focusWriter does I'll probably be returning to that some of the time.
> Note:The attachment browser offers a choice of locations when configuring it 
> but only opens in the middle bottom - not really a problem and you probably 
> already know about it.
> Thanks again for the work put into Zim and I look forward to being productive 
> with it.                                          
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