The subject is mentioned now and then on the list, but AFAIK there is no
port of zim-wiki, and there is a bounty set up for an Android version

I myself use wikimind for a single notebook on my HTC phone and Nexus 7
tablet, syncronized with my Linux boxes through a Synology NAS. Wikimind
( has
a simple wiki syntax, but has two caveats though:

You can view wiki pages, but you have to edit the code (ie no WYSIWYG),
and it shows the headers of the zim-wiki notes (looks ugly, but WTF). BTW
- are the headers necessary at all? I would like to remove them - maybe a
feature request?

A couple of years ago an even more simple wiki app for Android - Ema
Personal Wiki
( -
was made open source; I've looked at the code, and have wondered if it
could make a starting point for an app for zim notes.

Thanks for Zim Wiki - it's magnificient.


> Is the any chance of an iteration for Android, particularly Samsung Note
> 2-3, and any of the Android tablets? 
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