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> OK, didn't reboot but shutdown Zim, killed Python processes still
> running, then launched from console
> zim --debug
> Here's the output: http://gist.github.com/anonymous/11012787
> Note my .config under ~/ as well as the Zim/python installs are on a
> normal ext3 filesystem, but looking at this reminded me my data folder
> is encrypted with encfs and (once decrypted) sync'd via Dropbox.
> I have tested after killing the Dropbox process, no change.
> Next step - if you guys don't see anything in the gist - will be to
> move the data folder and test again.
> If that is the problem, then suggestions for an alternative
> user-transparent encryption solution that doesn't slow things down
> would be greatly appreciated.
> PS thanks so much to the developer(s) and other contributors for this
> excellent software, finally weaned myself away from Evernote after
> nearly a decade's addiction.

The debug log looks entirely normal, no hints to be found there.

One thing that might be happening is that the index update that is running
after starting zim is having to do a lot of maintenance. When you start
zim, wait a bit until you see a debug message that the index update is done
before trying other stuff. Or you can force an index update by running "zim
--index" after closing the gui.

THis stuff of course depends on the number of pages, lenght of pages etc.
But unless those numbers are really ridiculously large it should resolve

If that does not help I would indeed think about the filesystem speed, or
other things that could interact.


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