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     On Tuesday, February 17, 2015 11:48 AM, Jaap Karssenberg 
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 Dear all,

Next task on my list is refactoring the code of the index. Main reason is that 
I see a lot of bug reports relating to indexing, so hope a cleanup of the code 
will help to make things better.

However, while at it, I do see an opportunity to implement functions to allow 
re-ordering the index. So it would not have to be alphabetically, but can have 
a custom ordering.

My question to you is: how should the user-interface work when you can re-order 
the index. For example:

1/ Do you only want custom ordering, or switch between custom and alphabetical 
sorting ?
Definately both

2/ If so, where do you click to switch between custom ordering and alphabetic 
ordering ? And how this switch affect sub-sections ?
Perhaps have alphabetic ordering by default, but let the user change order of 
folders using drag-drop. As soon as the user does this once, Zim should 
remember that ordering is custom. To undo this, the context menu could be use 
(right click on the folder where you want to change order - this should imho 
not include sub-folders, at least, not by default). Only problem is how to deal 
with top level if you have more than one folder.

3/ When index has custom ordering, where do new pages show up - at the end, in 
the front, other position ?
By default at end, but perhaps an option to set the position in the menu to 
create the page.

4/ Should custom sorting depend on list of links in parent page ? (Either by 
default or as a plugin)

That would be a nice touch.. not as default but as a plugin

5/ ... what did I not think of yet ... ?
So let me know your input - bonus points for screenshots and mockups :)



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