> 1/ Do you only want custom ordering, or switch between custom and
> alphabetical sorting ?
Perhaps both, or if not both, an option to sort child pages, optionally
recursively.  Strictly from a code point of view, it would probably be
less complex if only custom ordering was implemented, with a command to
apply sorting to child pages when desired.

> 2/ If so, where do you click to switch between custom ordering and
> alphabetic ordering ? And how this switch affect sub-sections ?
If both orderings are available, I think each page should have a flag
representing which mode it is in.  This flag only affects the ordering
of any direct child pages.  (This means there will need to be some sort
of root flag as well).  A context menu would provide the option to
change from custom to ordered, along with the ability to apply
recursively.  Creating a new child page automatically inherits the value
of the flag of its parent page.

> 3/ When index has custom ordering, where do new pages show up - at the
> end, in the front, other position ?
As close as possible to the current mouse location.  If I use the
context menu to create a new sub-page, then at the top of all child
pages.  If I create a new page, then as the next sibling page.

> 4/ Should custom sorting depend on list of links in parent page ?
> (Either by default or as a plugin)
It could be an option, but I don't think it should be a hard
dependency.  I don't normally have links in my parent pages anyway. 
Some people may for some reason have links in a page in a different
order than how they want to sort the child pages.

Brian Allen Vanderburg II

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