The short question is -- is there a way to issue a command to cleanly close a Zim notebook (or zim entirely) from a linux command line?

Background/reasoning: I've been learning some Vim, and would like to integrate that into my workflow. So,

(1) if I'm already inside Zim, I of course can use the "external edit" command;

(2) but I'd like to be able to do this outside of Zim -- as in, pop into vim or gvim (or other editor), edit a file, and have it save properly. -- now, of course, this isn't a problem either, unless Zim is already open, in which case my edits may get overwritten.

So, my simple hack would be to write a little script+hotkey which says:

- if zim is open, close it, then
- open desired page in Vim
- (optionally reopen zim)

The short way (being able to close zim externally) would theoretically work fine, but, for example, killing the pid of the zim process does not work nicely for me. Any ideas? (I may be missing some other simpler solution)


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