Obviously the index is broken. Try:

   a) rm .zim/*    # within your top level dir of your zim book
      # note, this dir may also be in your cache tree (see help):
      # ~/.cache/zim/...
   b) rebuild index
      zim --index <notebook-dir>
      # or, just start zim as usual and call  Tools - Update Index



On 15.04.2015 19:46, Hella Riede wrote:
> Hi all,
> in my shell, I moved page by page and folder by folder out of the misbehaving 
> zim subtree. It turned out that after I had moved one of those pages and its 
> folder out of the zim folder, the page was still shown in zim (and not 
> virtual / italic), but I could not find it in the actual folder on my 
> computer in the shell. I deleted that "strange" real-in-zim but 
> not-existing-in-shell page from within zim, moved the actually existing 
> counterpart back into the zim folder by shell, and the index was behaving 
> again.
> Sorry for disturbing you all - it seems Murphy wanted me to mail to all of 
> just before I found a solution. Maybe it helps someone else in the same 
> situation.
> Best wishes,
> Hella
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