That was quick! – Thanks

echo select * from tables order bv 1 desc  | sqlformatter.exe 

works in the command shell, and I get reformatted text back out onto the 
console of 


select *

from tables

order by 1 desc


I was hoping to keep this simple without having to write parsers for wiki text!




From: Jaap Karssenberg [] 
Sent: 30 April 2015 12:45
To: Graham Foster
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Subject: Re: [Zim-wiki] Getting external tools to work?


Hi Graham,

The custom tool really only takes a command, not a shell expression. So in your 
example "echo %t  | sqlformatter.exe" the "|" doesn't do what you think it does 
- instead it is just passed on as a literal to the "echo" command.

What you should do is put the commands in a ".bat" file, then use that ".bat" 
file as a custom command.

I would advice to go the "%f" route and use a custom script to extract the sql 
and run it through the formatter. The "%t" might not work at all in combination 
with the code blocks plugin - at least, I have not tested that.

Hope this helps,




On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 1:38 PM, Graham Foster < 
<> > wrote:


I do a lot of SQL and use Zim for keeping notes on client issues / the SQL used 
to investigate issues.

I have the source code plugin, which does nice highlighting, but I would like 
to do reformatting too.

I have a command line reformatter, but it expects SQL text in – not wiki format 
text. I tried passing selected text, but that doesn’t work.

I can make it work like a filter for simple SQL, but although I use %t as 
parameter – it still doesn’t work.


echo %t  | sqlformatter.exe  - fails command notfound??

sqlformatter.exe %f  - fails – chokes on the wiki text


Any suggestions as to how to get this to work please?


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