One thing you guys might consider is support for remoteStorage. If this
were in all clients (Android, Desktop etc) all Zim Notebooks would be


And if it was made into a web app with offlineFirst support then it
would also work without a web connection and automatically sync when
connected! But doing both maybe not so straightforward :-)

Meanwhile I'm looking to provide similar for SAFE Network web apps. I'd
love Zim on SAFE, but for now I think it will be limited to storing on
SAFE storage using its virtual drive support.

One step at a time - I'd love an Android port!

Good luck,

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On 02/06/15 21:36, Hans Elias B. Josephsen wrote:
> Right now the markup is just parsed from a hardcoded string in the main
> activity. I guess the next thing would be to make it load the markup
> from a file. I also don't think I implemented serializing the text back
> into markup.
> On Tue, Jun 2, 2015, at 10:19 PM, Hugh Manning wrote:
>> Awesome, thank you very much! I'll get started on it when I get home.
>> What were your next steps planned for it when you left off?
>> On 3 Jun 2015 00:42, "Hans Elias B. Josephsen"
>> <> wrote:
>>> Okey, I uploaded the source to github:
>>> The usual disclaimers apply, I never really intended it to get
>>> released to the public in this state, so alot of things are a
>>> bit ugly.
>>> I wrote a simple parser in java for the zim file format. I considered
>>> trying to use the original parser for zim, but because of
>>> dependencies that are a bit tricky on android, I chose to write a
>>> simple one myself.
>>> I tried to make sense of and use android's way of applying styles in
>>> a text editor as best I can. That involves converting the markup to
>>> 'spans' or style ranges. I don't know how the actual zim does it, but
>>> it seems logical that it does it in somewhat the same way.
>>> If there are any questions, feel free to ask. I will try to answer
>>> them as best I can.
>>> On Tue, Jun 2, 2015, at 08:47 AM, hugh manning wrote:
>>>> Much to do but a good start! Please throw it on GitHub so I can take
>>>> a look at it.
>>>>  On Monday, 1 June 2015 8:51 PM, Hans Elias B. Josephsen
>>>>  <> wrote:
>>>> I startes writing a zim editor for android a while ago, but I never
>>>> really took it anywhere. I guess I can put my work so far out on
>>>> github when I get home.
>>>> Here is a demo video that I uploaded when I was working on it:
>>>> On Mon, Jun 1, 2015, at 10:24 AM, hugh manning wrote:
>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>> I've got a new Android phone but one of the things I'm missing on
>>>>> it are my Zim notebooks; editing them manually is getting to be a
>>>>> drag. I've googled around but had no results for an app that can
>>>>> edit them. Is anyone aware of something I missed?
>>>>> Alternatively, I've been starting to get into Android development,
>>>>> and while a Zim port is probably a bit big to take on myself it'd
>>>>> be great if I could contribute to an existing effort. Maybe I
>>>>> should start writing one anyway?
>>>>> Cheers, Hugh
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