Gary Smith wrote:

> Let's see... The Islamic radicals blew up the WTC in 1993. They bombed
> two US embassies. They blew up the USS Cole. Then they dropped the WTC,
> damaged the Pentagon and downed 4 jets. I think that adds up to over 4
> times. IOW, our war against Terrorism is justified.

Why do you start the sequenceof events at 1993? Was there no history before then?

> We have been patient
> with the attacks. Are we totally innocent? Probably not. However, the
> difference is in the intended target. Wicked people target innocent
> peoples.

You *are* innocent. That has never been the question, as far as I'm concerned.
The question is to what extent did past actions bring backlash and reaction back
upon yourself. Like my example of gravity, did you know of the law of gravity and
yet step off the cliff, committing suicide (moral guilt) or did you walk off the
cliff ignorant of the law (no moral guilt, but there are still consequences).
That analogy is over-simplified but I hope it adds something to the discussion's

> Even now with Iraq, we are patiently giving them the chance to start
> abiding by the UN resolutions they agreed to abide by over a decade ago.

Which they have agreed to do, "unconditionally." But what the US wants now, after
Bush's demand that Iraq agree to abide by the past conditions (to the US's
apparent surprise) is that Iraq agree, a priori, to as-yet-to-be determined
Security Council resolutions.

> We have given them several warnings over the years, more than four. So,
> is a war with Iraq justified?

Warnings to do what? And why is it up to you to enforce UN resolutions? The UN
has passed a resolution that Israel give the occupied territories to the
Palestinians, too (the famous #242). Are you going to force Israel to do that?

I know some of you have yet to get over the shock of John (and probably Mark) and
I agreeing on this, but this is just another war, and for the US to initiate it
is wrong. Simply wrong, both morally, and in the chain of consequences you're
setting into force, just as past chains of cause and effect have led to where you
are now.

Marc A. Schindler
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada -- Gateway to the Boreal Parkland

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