Gary Smith wrote:

> Let's see... The Islamic radicals blew up the WTC in 1993. They bombed
> two US embassies. They blew up the USS Cole. Then they dropped the WTC,
> damaged the Pentagon and downed 4 jets. I think that adds up to over 4
> times. IOW, our war against Terrorism is justified.

That's poor logic. Why did you start with 1993?

> We have been patient
> with the attacks. Are we totally innocent? Probably not. However, the
> difference is in the intended target. Wicked people target innocent
> peoples.

The US Navy shot down an Iranian Airbus A340 over the Perisan Gulf, it attempted
to assassinate a number of democratically elected foreign leaders (Patrice
Lumumba being one of them). It financed the Contra forces against the
democratically elected government of Nicaragua. It trained mujahadeen called the
Taliban. You don't think these actions have consequences?

> Even now with Iraq, we are patiently giving them the chance to start
> abiding by the UN resolutions they agreed to abide by over a decade ago.

Which they agreed to do. So now Bush has demanded that they agree to a new,
as-yet-to-be-written resolution of the Security Council. It's as if every time a
line in the sand is drawn, and Iraq agrees with it, Bush draws a new line. It's
clear to me he wants a war, and all this resolution stuff is just a smoke screen
to cover that. There will be war, regardless of Hussein's response.

> We have given them several warnings over the years, more than four. So,
> is a war with Iraq justified? probably.

Why? We were talking about being responsibility, and you agreed that a country is
solely responsible to its own citizens. But here you have implied that Iraq is
responsible to the United States. This seems to be a contradiction.


And I'll leave John's commentary in, because imo, you haven't answered John's
questions. What makes this a moral war?

> JWR:
> Why turn to the commentaries of the Brethren?  Just learn the eternal
> principles of war explained by the Lord in D&C, Section 98.  We are never
> justified in aggression.  And we may not retaliate until the enemy has
> come against us four times with a warning from us after the first three.
> The Brethren stick pretty close the standard works.  They don't deviate
> far if at all.  Some might argue that this is a "different kind of war."
> Don't let the devil deceive you.  The principles are eternal.  If we
> can't find how to implement them in the current situation then we need to
> figure out a way to do it.  Do what is right.  Let the consequences
> follow.  It's not just an nice saying, it is the Law.

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