Depression is what we drop into when you lose your job.  However, it is not
absolute.  My wife keeps me too busy at the bookstore, and the Stake keeps
me too busy the rest of the time, for me to have the time to get depressed.

A depression also usually follows a recession in your hair line.  And it
usually does take two quarters to admit that it is happening.

I could actually use a little depression.  You know, lay around watching the
Food Channel, eating anything chocolate, feeling sorry for myself, ignoring
the kids, etc.

Hmmmmm ..  maybe not.


John W. Redelfs wrote:

> Recession
> A recession is defined as a period of two or more successive quarters of
decreasing production. Production is measured by a number of variables. Real
Gross Domestic Product is one important measure. We will focus mainly on it.
> The Great Depression was a period of about 10 years, 1929-1940, dominated
by two recessions. The first of those recessions was of unparalleled depth,
and that was what caused people to refer to it as a depression and as "The
Great Depression." There is no general definition of a depression, however,
and until recently the decline of 1929-1940 was the only decline refered to
as a "depression."  More...

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