Why are we (I include myself in that) latter-day saints so reluctant to get our year's 
supply of food?  It isn't that hard for most of us, and we probably all know members 
who have lived off their food for quite some time (e.g. a job loss).  This should be a 
simple commandment to keep, like tithing.  We all like feeling good about how well we 
keep the law of tithing, so why don't we want to extend that to another simple law?  
It looks like we wouldn't have done so well at keeping the law of Moses, let alone the 
full law of the Gospel.

What are the scenarios that could require us to use our year's supply of food?  They 
seem to be so many and several are of such immediate import that anyone interested in 
continuity plans of any sort would want to have a supply.

Here are some of my scenarios:

1.) Crop troubles:  Global cooling or warming, doesn't matter.  Droughts, pests, 
flooding, etc.

2.) Widespread unemployment (or just personal)

3.) Disuption of transportation: Widespread civil unrest, war, plagues, etc.

4.) Large scale natural disasters: Volcanoes, earthquakes, asteroid strikes, etc.

5.) Evil governments starving out their population (oh, right, this one is already 

6.) others?

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