We have a novel way of getting food storage. Our youngest son has been in the
militia (the reserves) the past few years, and every time he goes to some
function or on exercise they always have extra food. One day he brought home 135
pre-packaged meals! And they're actually pretty good -- I've tried some of them
(you just heat them in the oven in the foil package and then the package opens up
into a TV-dinner-style dish. Neat design. So that's part of our food storage,
courtesy of the Canadian taxpayer.

Maybe better food is why our special forces killed  more Taliban than your
special forces did in Afghanistan over the past six months even though your group
is 4 times the size of ours (1300 vs 300)* ;-)

The source of the fact that JTF2, the Canadians, nailed more Taliban, came from a
CBC Radio One report, so I don't have a proper citation for it (they don't
archive their news programs), but here's an article a clandestine mission group
called K-Bar which consisted of only special forces units from 7 different
countries, under US command.

*The Princess Pats have been withdrawn, but naval forces and JTF2, our special
forces unit, plus a special light platoon of snipers from various regiments,
remain in the area.

Dan R Allen wrote:

> >This should be a simple commandment to keep, like tithing
> Paul:
> It may be a "simple" commandment but it is NOT easy for all of us. Some
> of us really struggle with the law of tithing. I think you know that. I
> was just being picky. ;-)
> Dan:
> The Church is certainly _trying_ to make this easier; Have they started
> talking about the prepackaged food kits in your area yet?
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