Marc, in amongst some other stuff, said the following:

> We have free agency but limited options, which is usually how life
> works.

This reminded me of a topic I wanted to discuss. In the Book of Mormon I
seem to recall several places where the idea of being able to act or to
be acted upon is presented. It seems to me, that the idea here, is that
we are given the ability to act, and our actions determine in large part
how well we retain that ability or are degarded to a state of being acted

I get the destinct impression that one of the consequenses of sin is to
move you more and more to the state of being acted upon.

There is a strong resonance for me here. Partly, I think, because I have
a strong beleif in teaching my children about consequences. Partly,
however, it seems to strike a very strong and familiar chord with my

Have any of you ever pondered this topic, or wish to discuss it now?

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