I would think someone would notice the difference between 
-40 and +40 (even in Medicine Hat?), although the US Army 
folks near here are the same way.  What difference does a 
few degrees make, as long as you figure the trajectory right?

But it would be very difficult to tell the difference between 
-40C and -40F, IMO.

Larry Jackson


Marc Schindler:

Medicine Hat, which is nearby (servicemen from the area 
go to the Brooks Ward of the Medicine Hat Stake), says it 
has a 40/40 climate, and that's what they mean -- either 
+40 or -40, what's the difference?

Larry Jackson wrote:

> Minus 40 degrees F, minus 40 degrees C.
> In Canada, who would even notice the difference, eh?
> Larry Jackson
> _______________
> -ELF-:
> Bunny Boots refer to a particular arctic boot manufactured
> for the US military, being white, and rated to -40o F
> St Stephan:
> Won't work -- the Canadians only understand Celsius temperature.
> Heaven only knows what -40o Farenheit is in Canuck degrees.
> Till:
> Comfort Zone

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