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> I would think someone would notice the difference between 
> -40 and +40 (even in Medicine Hat?), although the US Army 
> folks near here are the same way.  What difference does a 
> few degrees make, as long as you figure the trajectory right?
> But it would be very difficult to tell the difference between 
> -40C and -40F, IMO.

Well, I shouldn't, but here goes:

It is quite easy to tell the difference between -40C and -40F. At first
glance, they both just seem like horribly cold temperatures, and one
would be tempted to think of special thermometers or some such. But,
since the two are the exact same temperature, then the only difference
that can exist between them is the way they are written (printed, spoken,
whatever), so it becomes trivial to tell them apart. -40C has a "c" while
-40F has an "f". Quite simple!

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