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>The BBC has just released a new documentary on Henry Kissinger. It's a
>biography, do doesn't just concentrate on the question I infer in my
>subject line, but it does apparently interview some people in the U.S.
>(some of who might surprise you) who think that he's a war criminal (a
>somewhat different question than whether he should be / could be tried
>as such).
>(following is a review, in The New Yorker, of the documentary, as well
>as another film critical of the British, as it happens, for an event in
>their history.)
>Proposed resolution to be put toward the house: "yes, or no: this house
>supports the conclusion that Henry Kissinger be considered a Gadianton
>Marc A. Schindler

I certainly don't know whether Henry Kissinger is a member of a secret 
combination or not. However, his actions could certainly draw one to that 

I'm reminded of my favorite joke of that time period. It seems that Six 
people were flying in a small airplane. One was the pilot, and the five 
passengers were, in order; Richard Nixon, Hubert H. Humphrey, Henry 
Kissinger, a priest, and a hippie. During mid-flight, the pilot comes into 
the passenger compartment, and says "We seem to have developed some engine 
trouble. Since I'm the pilot, I'm going to bale out. There are only five 
parachutes." Then the pilot gave a wave and jumped out with a parachute. 
Nixon said, "Well, I'm the President, so, well, umm, bye!" Then HHH said, 
"There are some things that Dick hasn't learned yet." Then, he jumped out. 
Now only Henry Kissinger, the priest and the hippie were left in the plane. 
Henry Kissinger looked at the others and announced, "I am surely the 
smartest man in the world so I'm out of here!" The priest says to the 
hippie, "Well, son, I've lived a long and full life---you take the 
parachute!" The hippie says, "Hey man, we're cool. The smartest man in the 
world just jumped out with my backpack!"

Steven Montgomery

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