>But I 
> think they could have found better music for it.  The tune doesn't 
> measure to the lyrics.
> Of course that is just my opinion, and it is just a matter of 
> taste.

Is something wrong with me? I really don't care for the music of quite a
few of the LDS hymns. Some of them come off as whiny and annoy my senses
as I try to worship and I actually put the book down. My wife feels the
same way so maybe I'm not alone in this thing. I would be relieved to see
the hymnbook reduced by about 50% and enjoy the balance just fine. 

To me many of the hymns lack real quality. Am I just out of step and
being a bad boy? I'm really not trying to kick the beehive on this but
would be interested in what others think. 

Paul O

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