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>I hope this is the right place to direct this suggestion, but the
>program "Between Heaven and Earth" that was shown between sessions
>Saturday and Sunday is a *must have*. I have a doctor who is German
>Lutheran, which is also my own background (I'm a convert).

I was born German Lutheran.  My paternal grandfather was born Johann Wilhelm Redelfs 
(JWR) before he changed it to John William Redelfs.  And he didn't speak English until 
he was a teenager.  Most of my father's side of the family are buried in Bruning, 
Thayer County, Nebraska where they all spoke German and worshipped at Trinity Lutheran 
Church.  The cemetery is adjacent the church there.

Unfortunately, my paternal ancestors were more German than they were Lutheran.  And 
shortly after I was christened, my parents started roaming around among the Protestant 
churches in the neighborhood.  My atheist father would only attend a church if he 
could sing in a good choir.  So first I was a Lutheran, then a Methodist, then a 
Presbyterian, then a Baptist, and finally a member of the Savior's church, the Church 
of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Thank heavens I finally found the right Church. 
 I always liked the title of that missionary tract, "Which Church is Right.

John W. Redelfs                                       [EMAIL PROTECTED]
"Atheistic humanism is the opiate of the self-described 
intellectuals." --Uncle Bob
"All my opinions are tentative pending further data." --JWR

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