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 >  Elder Nelson's quote was just discussed for quite some time on
 > Prager's national radio show out of Los Angeles.  He is a religious
 > conservative who has great esteem for the Church, but he was shocked
 > that Elder Nelson made this kind of "pacifist statement", as he put
 > it, especially in light of the ongoing national debate about war on
 > Iraq.  Dennis focused on Elder Nelson's statement that "as a church,
 > we renounce [not denounce, but renounce as an option] war."  He may
 > have been scrutinizing Elder Nelson's words more than Elder Nelson
 > anticipated, but he knew the "liberal" churches had already come out
 > against what he views as a just war to liberate Iraq, and he was
 > counting on Evangelicals and Mormons as seeing things his way, so he
 > was really surprised by Elder Nelson's statement, as it had been
 > reported by CNN.  He even tried to contact the church to seek
 > clarification, but no one was issuing any statements.  Several
 > in a row were members of the Church, and they either disagreed with
 > Elder Nelson or they agreed with him but interpreted his comments so
 > as not to be a statement against war in Iraq.  Dennis encouraged
 > members to contact the church to find out what's going on in the
 > echelons, with this kind of statement being made. Troy
 > >>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] 10/7/02 08:48:43 >>>
 > "When there are no more Jews in Dar-al-Islam (the land of Islam),
 > we will have peace." -- a  leader of Hamas.
 > P.S. Did you know some 70-80% of the money spent on military
 > activities
 > in the West Bank and Gaza by Hamas comes from donors in the US? Kind
 > of
 > like the way it was with the IRA.

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