Stranger things have happened! ("Sounds like you are becoming a good

I wasn't able to find the time to write down some notes until about 11PM Sat
eve.  I thought I knew what I was going to say, but somehow that was not was
I was supposed to say, I guess.  My talk came out quite differently that I
had anticipated, and I actually wrote out the entire talk (and gave it
pretty much like I wrote it - about 90% at least).  I completed my
preparation at 5 AM, and got to church by 8:30 AM.  It turned out that the
Stake Pres and his first counselor attended our sacrament meeting, along
with a packed house (270+).  Talk about a little pressure!

But the Spirit calmed me, and the talk came out fairly well, judging from
its reception.  Also, the wife of the first counselor at our temple, who is
in our ward, asked for my written copy of it so that she could use it for a
talk she had to give later that day (yesterday), deciding that she didn't
like what she had prepared.

Clearly, since the words were not what I had prepared mentally, they were
not my words at all.  As I started to write down notes Sat night, I did ask
for the Spirit to guide me as to what I should say.

I guess He decided that this time He would.


Paul Osborne wrote:
> >I get to give a talk tomorrow on the theme "Follow the Prophet," so I am
> >feeling rather humble today.  I even skipped responding to Marc on a
> topic,
> >and actually had kind thoughts toward him.
> Sounds like you are becoming a good Christian. ;-)

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