I'm a little late in on the thread (have spent most of the day with family as
it's Thanksgiving here) but -- and I stand to be corrected by a reference, of
course -- but I don't think Gileadi made specific one-to-one comparisons like
this. From my understanding of Isaian typology that's not the point. We think in
terms of "nation states" today, but that's a political phenomenon that arose out
of the industrial revolution. A nation state is "Assyrian" to the extent that it
engages in militarist activity -- Canada is, in its way, Assyrian, too, as is
Britain (especially in the past). So it's more like a characteristic than it is
an identity.

"John W. Redelfs" wrote:

> After careful consideration, Gary Smith wrote:
> >I only fear that such wars would quickly change to wars of pure
> >destruction, and not of preparation. If I'm not mistaken, I think Gileadi
> >compares the US with Egypt, and Russia with Assyria.  We have problems in
> >this country, no doubt. However, I believe that there are enough righteous
> >people to still make a difference.
> To make a difference in their own lives, or in the life of the
> nation?  Clinton was reelected after everyone knew how immoral he was.  And
> George W. Bush just barely became president after running against Al
> Gore.  It seems to me that the majority held by the righteous has dwindled
> to the point where it either exists by a thread, or it has become a
> minority.  What do you think?
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