At some point in the past, Stephen wrote:

> To make sure the Democrats in an area don't band together and elect a
> Republican candidate who can't possibly win the general election, and
> vice versa.
This happens, I'm sure.  I mentioned before that this is the way things are
done in Georgia.  Whenever someone loses a primary, they inevitably use this
as an excuse for losing.  It doesn't make much sense, though, when both
parties are holding primaries.  I have mainly voted in Republican primaries.
Off hand, I don't recall ever voting in a Democratic primary, but I wouldn't
deny it.  Before I became of voting age, I understand that practically
everything in Georgia was determined at the Democratic primary because the
Republican party didn't have much of a chance at anything.  That is no
longer the case, though Democrats still maintain a firm grip on a lot of

BTW, I have sent in my absentee ballot.  I have no idea whether it will
actually be counted or not.  There were many offices in which I voted for
neither the Democrat or Republican candidate.  I am a firm believer in
voting for who you think is best, not who you think will win.  That includes
the liberal use of write-in voting.  (I have voted for Grampa Bill many
times in the past, and for two offices this time around.  Gramma Letty, too,
for that matter.)

Cousin Bill

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