> Exactly. I was referring to state party conventions, what you
> call in US English, primaries.

Interesting. So, then, what did you intend to say when you wrote:

     So to say that my late father was a Democrat means that he
     was registered as a Democrat. As it happens, this is pretty
     meaningless, because the vote is secret, and you can vote
     for whomever you like.

If you were referring to primaries, then why did you say that 
affilliation was "meaningless, because...you can vote for whomever you 
like"? This is clearly false, even in primaries. And you never did 
respond to the question of why your statement, "[i]n the U.S. every 
voter registers for a party (or as an independent)", was not false on 
its face, given that not all states require registration in a party to 
participate in primaries, much less the general election.



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