Paul Osborne:

>I can assure you that money is not a requirement in order to 
>be called as a stake president.

I followed it for years in the Church News and have clearly seen 
that the money guys get the callings. I can't deny those facts. 
... It's one of those unwritten rules.  ;-)


Glad to note you have a sense of humor, since I have never seen 
any facts in the Church News that tell how much stake presidents 
get paid in their work.

I will agree that many do well.  The same skills of hard work, 
administrative experience, and leadership they have gained in 
Church callings serve to benefit them in their work, as well.

But not all of them are well-paid "money guys".  I know several 
who served while living under the poverty level.

And we know what those unwritten rules are, because they are 
actually written down and posted at John's website.  :-)

Larry Jackson

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