Actually in the 3rd world a larger than proportional share of line authority
callings go to Church/CES employees.  And, as I loved to tease Grant Johnson (I
think that's his name -- the Book of Mormon Answerman who infuriated many LDS by
saying that only those soldiers who fought for the Allies in WWII were righteous)
by pointing out that Elder Uchtdorf used to be a Luftwaffe fighter pilot (mind
you, he was too young to have served during the war). He retired and became a
civilian pilot, for Lufthansa and several of its subsidiaries, iirc, and
eventually came to be the chief training pilot for Lufthansa (that was told to me
by the chief training pilot for Air New Zealand, who had by coincidence contacted
me via email once about something, and found out I was LDS -- he wasn't, but told
me this about Elder Uchtdorf, saying he was widely respected in the industry).

Paul Osborne wrote:

> >I can assure you that money is not a requirement in order to
> >be called as a stake president.
> I followed it for years in the Church News and have clearly seen that the
> money guys get the callings. I can't deny those facts. The guys who get
> called in third world countries are the merchants and they have money
> too. It's one of those unwritten rules.
> ;-)
> >I can further assure you that stake president is not a high
> >calling.
> Well, he is the boss of my Elders Quroum President. And, I look up to him
> too.
> >And while I'm here, I would also add that high priest is not
> >a higher office in the Melchizedek Priesthood, just a different
> >office, with specialized (and temporary) responsibilities.
> Ok. Have a nice day. :-)
> Paul O
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