>The way I feel about it, the Senate betrayed its country when it
>Clinton of the impeachment.  

I feel the opposite. The Congress was reckless but the Senate was prudent
and demonstrated a high level of maturity. I was glad to see some sanity
restored in the House of government. The congress brought more shame to
our country then Clinton ever did as they demonstrated their self
righteous hypocritical colors before all the world. Poor Clinton. He was
a victim. 

>Clinton wasn't being tried for naughty 
>behavior in the Oval Office, that was just prurient media hype for
>with dirty minds.  Rather he was tried for lying under oath and
>of justice.  Both are felonies.  Both would mean serious prison time for

>either you or I.  Yet the Senate acquitted him after admitting he was 
>guilty.  They said, "Yes, he is guilty of felony perjury and obstruction
>justice, but that isn't serious enough for an conviction.  It isn't
>crimes and misdemeanors." They gave him a pass on criminal behavior.  I 
>never though I would live to see the day.

Clinton was attacked by a pack of hungry wolves. It wasn't fair. He was a
victim of circumstances that should have never taken place. It was cruel
and cunning. He was treated as though he had no right of privacy and that
is unconstitutional in my opinion. I'm glad that he was vindicated in the
eyes of the law. His American rights were clearly violated. He deserved
full pardon for whatever he may have done wrong.

>How did you like having a felon in the White House?  I didn't like it. 
>made me ashamed to be an American.  It wasn't Clinton that offended me. 
>was the American voter.  They didn't seem to care that their President
>a criminal. It means the people have lost all honor.  In our
>day I don't think it could have happened.  It shows that we are no
longer a 
>virtuous people, if we ever were.

I'm not ashamed to be an American no matter what! The acts and deeds of
an unrighteous President will never make me ashamed of being an American.
Frankly, as much as I disdained Clinton and was hopping mad at some of
his policies I think he did a pretty good job as President. And, he was
good for extra laughs too. The whole world thought he was funny. :-)

Bush is boring. I want Clinton back. <hah ha ha ha >

Paul O

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