> If you can't see how your psychic analysis, or at least
> psychoanalysis, of Castro does not constitute "history as it
> happened", but rather is an ideological gloss, then I'm
> powerless to help. However, as you take great pleasure
> in "tweaking" Americans, I expect that's what you're doing
> now.

> Stephen, if you contribute something positive, I'll comment
> on it. Otherwise, why bother?

Well, that's not very generous of you. After all, I often comment on 
your posts. :)

> How do you know what my emotional state is if and when I
> "tweak" "Americans"?

Good point. I do not know. I assume the best. I suppose you could 
instead be filled with malicious glee, or perhaps are in the thrall of 
an uncontrollable compulsion. True, I am assuming that you're not 
shedding tears of pity or sorrow when you "tweak", though that doesn't 
seem too difficult a leap of logic. If I'm wrong, then I'll recant and 
honor you for your deep, sympathetic nature, despite your rather unusual 
way of demonstrating that sympathy.

> You can read history, or ignore it with smug personal attacks.
> Your choice.

Please name a personal attack I've made on you in this thread. Just one 
will do. You have yourself admitted to enjoying "tweaking" (as you call 
it) various groups, including Americans, so that can hardly be 
considered an attack. On the other hand, crying "Ad hominem!" is 
sometimes an effective way of diverting attention from the fact that 
you're wrong...

History does not record that Castro "saw revolution as the only way" to 
control American hegemony. Marc Schindler may claim it's the case, but 
it's not history. It's ideology. And when you make an ideological claim 
while simultaneously telling someone that ideological analysis is an 
oversimplification, then say you didn't make any ideological claims -- 
well, I don't think it's terribly unusual that an observer might point 
out the inconsistency.


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