>I've tried everything I can think of.  Every time I've been an elder's 
>president, quorum brotherhood has been a top priority of mine.  It used
>be a lesson in the manual once a year or so.  But I've never won a

Strange. I would think that quorum brotherhood would be easier to forge
on an island such as Ketchikan. Here in Dallas people come and go so fast
that it makes the roster spin.

>Play more, work less.  And when you play, make sure it is a joint outing

>between you and your wife and children, and those of another elder in
>quorum.  Invite another elder with his family to your house for dinner,
>if that is  too much work, just invite them for a two family ice cream 
>social.  Do you like to picnic?  Persuade another elder in the quorum to

>bring his wife and kids with you on your next picnic outing.

This is pretty good advice. The problem is that half the elders work
evenings or long hours and the wives are stuck home alone. 

>I know this sounds dumb, but if necessary, pass around a sign up sheet
>we do with the missionaries.  The point is, two families cannot become 
>close if they never spend any time together.  Nor can two men become
>brothers if they don't even know each other.  I've been in quorums where
>never did learn the names of the other members unless they were in the 
>presidency or served as instructor.

We have done this in our ward. It's really cool to have dinner at someone
else's house and vice versa. The best time to get to know people is when
you are eating with them. I highly recommend it. John, thanks again for
your hospitality while I was with you. Your wife sure can cook. The
salmon was just fantastic and the carrots were out of this world. Ummm.
And don't forget to soak the cracked wheat pan! ;-)

>I've had it pointed out to me that young fathers with growing families 
>don't have time to share except with their families.  I don't understand

>that excuse.  Many activities are ideal for two families to do 
>together.  And I have never found an elder who was too busy if he had
>desire to make friends.  After all, we all have the same number of hours

>every day.

Well, the bottom line is people tend to do what they WANT to do and they
will always find an excuse for getting out of what they don't want to do.
It's human nature, less then perfect.

>Rent a video at Blockbuster, invite another family over, make a bunch of

>popcorn, and sit around doing with another family what you would be

Not my cup of tea. I don't watch movies very much as I am not able to
give my attention to Hollywood's ideas. It's all too fakey to me. I don't
even like the LDS TV commercials because they remind me of Grape Nuts
which set my teeth on edge. It's a good thing I got new crowns recently. 

>Do you date your wife weekly as the prophets have suggested?  I often
>my wife out for breakfast on Saturday morning.  Ketchikan is rather
>on acceptable Friday night opportunities.  And while you are going out
>breakfast, see if another elder in the quorum might like to make it a 
>double date.  It's still a date with your wife, and you are building
>brotherhood at the same time.

How am I suppose to date my wife when she is out spending all the money
on her own time? ;-)

>Gentiles have beer drinking buddies.  Most men who hunt do it with 
>friends.  But many active LDS elders are just too focused on job and
>to pursue any kind of friendship with other men.  I don't mean to sound 
>negative, but I've just never had any cooperation when I talk about

Well, if I lived in Ketchikan JWR and Paul O would be best friends. We
could set the example and show the other guys how it is done. :-)

Paul O

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