> Play more, work less.  And when you play, make sure it is a joint
> outing between you and your wife and children, and those of
> another elder in the quorum.  Invite another elder with his
> family to your house for dinner, or if that is  too much work,
> just invite them for a two family ice cream social.  [...] if
> necessary, pass around a sign up sheet like we do with the
> missionaries.  The point is, two families cannot become close if
> they never spend any time together.

I believe what you've written here. It sounds right to me -- it has the 
ring of truth. So how is it implemented? Suppose I've been tasked with 
building quorum brotherhood. Do I just start making as many friends as I 
can? Honestly, I can't adequately maintain the friendships I have now -- 
and I'm out of work! 

I suppose the first thing is to get everyone on board the idea, that is, 
convert everyone to the idea that it's important to be a quorum 
brotherhood and that means spending time together. But I don't know a 
half-dozen men in my quorum that spend as much time with their families 
as they would like, much less with other friends. Seems like we should 
be *working* together, as well as playing. But when the quorum members 
work all over the place as happens in modern society, that doesn't lend 
itself well to spending work time together. I'm at something of a loss 
for ideas on how to bring such a thing about.

> We all have the same 24 hours every day. Nobody is too busy to
> make and build friendships if that is what they value. How we
> spend that 24 hours each day reflects our personality and
> priorities.

True enough, but we don't have the tools (skills) necessary to build 
such friendships, or if we do, we don't know how to use them.

Has anyone successfully led a quorum to become truly tight-knit, 
something beyond a group of mutually-acquainted (or not) men who vaguely 
like each other (or at least those they know)?


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