Okay, this is all very interesting and very useful (and I mean that sincerely),
so let me ask another question: what about those of us who are unlikely, for one
reason or another (assuming, of course, that we're reasonably righteous,
temple-recommend-holding active members) are highly unlikely to hold a position
of line authority. Why are people like that ordained to High Priests.

I know there's an implicit assumption here, so I'll make it explicit: I'm
assuming that there are people in this set (I think I'm one of them). But I could
be wrong -- it's an assumption.

Gary Smith wrote:

> Okay, Stephen questioned my assertions. I guess my being a highly high
> priest wasn't authoritative for him....
> The only person among Elders with keys is the Elders Quorum president.
> Yet, his keys are limited. He cannot perform most of his responsibilities
> without the okay of either the presiding high priest in the ward or the
> presiding high priest in the stake. He cannot authorize the ordination of
> elders. He cannot authorize the calling and setting apart of his
> counselors.  Those are responsibilities (and keys) laid to the High
> Priesthood as those who officially preside.
> To preside over and hold all the keys of presidency, one has to be a high
> priest. To be a temple president, one has to be a high priest. To hold
> all the keys of presidency in a stake or the Church, one has to be a high
> priest. There isn't anymore salvation promised to a high priest as to an
> elder (as the MP is all that is required in this life), but eventually
> (presumably if not now, in the next life) one will have to be a high
> priest to preside over a presidency in heaven. There are keys that are
> not given to an elder in presidency.
> I guess you could say that elder does fulfill the minimum requirements
> for exaltation, at least in this life. But prior to us being "kings and
> priests unto God and his Father" we will have to obtain the right of
> presidency, which pertains to high priests in the high priesthood.
> Otherwise, why have the distinction? why not just have elder and leave it
> at that? The requirement in this life is to obtain the MP, regardless of
> office. There is nothing wrong with being an elder, because it contains
> as much MP as is needed for qualifying for exaltation. However, once
> exalted, one will have to have the right of presidency and to hold those
> keys, which keys belong to the high priest's office.
> And yes, we have a secret handshake that you elders know nothing
> about.....
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