At 08:48 10/22/2002 -0400, Patient noJ wrote:
Till - every time we went over this handshake I tried to wake you up, but to
no avail.  I would have had your home teacher go over it with you, but we
can only teach it in the HP group meeting.

They sure were cool dreams, too. Something to do with all the people of the world. Can't remember for the life of me how it went, though. That's what they get for scheduling our meetings from 11:00 on. By PH I'm well into nap-time. Actually, my HT would need to show up first anyway!

We had our Snake Conference this last weekend. Elder Pace told a story of Pres Hinckley: He starting to remind them that he's getting old. He never buys green bananas anymore! He says that one of these days he's going to be called home. They will have his body there in the tabernacle and thousands will come to see it. Then the brethren will come to close the casket. When they do, he's going to sit up, point his finger at them, and remind them that every investigator needs three things. .....


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