I hestitate to mention this, because I know Stephen will get upset if I tweak the
Canadians on this list, but Canada is guilty in this whole chain of things, too.
The technology of using research reactors to make weapons grade plutonium was
sold to Pakistan by Atomic Energy Canada Ltd. We relied on the Nuclear
Proliferation Treaty to prevent Pakistan from making military use of the
technology. There's no way one can prove the link, of course, but I doubt any
"Chinese walls," if you'll pardon the pun, exist in Pakistan between civilian
research and the military in such a strategic area. We were more interested in
the money than in contributing to what might some day be a very volatile
situation. We've also sold similar technology to South Korea and Romania. Several
others, too, but I can't remember off the top of my head who.

"John W. Redelfs" wrote:

> At 12:03 PM, Monday, 10/21/02, Marc A. Schindler wrote:
> >I keep asking why Pakistan isn't being targetted instead of Iraq. We can
> >add another piece of turtle meat to the fire: there is at least the
> >accusation that Pakistan supplied North Korea with its light gas
> >centrifugal technology (which it got from the US) which is used to
> >produce enriched uranium. Pakistan has denied it. The US is also
> >accusing China of helping North Korea, but I can't see how a nuclear war
> >in the region would be to Beijing's advantage.
> It is worse than that.  Pakistan got The Bomb from China who got The Bomb
> from us.  We talk about nuclear proliferation, but we don't actually do
> anything about it.  Another UBI, China supplied ICBMs to Pakistan, not just
> nuclear technology.  And that was in direct violation of anti-proliferation
> treaties.  Shortly afterwards we extended to them a binding Permanent
> Normal Trade relations agreement.
> I just don't understand this telestial world.  I'm completely
> confused.  Why is it, that almost every 10 to 20 years we get into a war
> with someone who has been built up and armed by us?
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