Sounds reasonable to me.

Wouldn't it be a gas to learn that President Hinkley did in fact vote for
Bush? I wonder what JWR would say then? Would he then take back his

Paul O

On Mon, 21 Oct 2002 19:15:49 -0600 "Marc A. Schindler"
> I look at it this way. Think of a time when maybe someone you didn't 
> like got
> called to be the bishop or SP or even a GA. You really thought this 
> guy was in
> over his head, or was a jerk. Whatever. So, what do you do?  I raise 
> my hand to
> sustain the man (or woman). This is not a voting process. 
> Sustaining, to me,
> means to support the person the best I can. It doesn't magically 
> turn them into a
> wonderful, perfect person. We don't believe in infallibility (in 
> fact, there's a
> common joke to the effect that Catholics believe in infallibility 
> but don't
> practise it, and Mormons don't believe in infallibility but practise 
> it). But we
> owe it to God to support our leaders.
> Now the segué to politics, because it works on somewhat different 
> principles, but
> we do believe in sustaining and honoring secular leaders, too. That 
> means I have
> the freedom to vote for A, B, or C, and if I vote for B and A gets 
> in, then I
> work to support A. Even if I'm an opposition member or a member of a 
> different
> party, you are still supporting the government because you're active 
> and involved
> in the political process, as we've been advised to do. So you can 
> have your cake
> and eat it, too, so to speak.
> Paul Osborne wrote:
> > >I'm sure they do, but that wasn't the question I was raising. I 
> was
> > raising not
> > >the question of knowledge, but of trust. Rule #1: follow the 
> money.  How
> > do you
> > >know that Bush is listening to US intelligence (which, btw, has a 
> less
> > than
> > >sterling record).
> >
> > I don't know if Bush is listening to US Intelligence in the best 
> light.
> > But, he is the only President we have and he is the Commander in 
> Chief. I
> > have to work on rebuilding some confidence in the government or 
> I'll just
> > be negative about everything. That's not to healthy of a thing.

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