Gary Smith wrote:

> Okay, why not Pakistan? I admit they are a nuclear power. I admit there
> are many radical Islamists there. However, just as in Iraq, Musharaf is a
> secular leader. He may be Muslim, but does not show forth the radicalism
> of others. We don't need to risk war with someone who wishes peace with
> us. And spending a few billions of dollars on a nation to keep peace is
> much cheaper than spending tens of billions in a war.

But a) he's a dictator and not here by the will of the people; and b) will
eventually fall to an islamic fundamentalist government, just like the shah did
in neighbouring Iran. He also can't keep his terrorists out of Kashmir and thus
risks provoking the world's largest democracy to yet another war. And you're not
spending a few billions to keep the peace, you're spending a few billion to
continue training the ISI, the same group who trained the Taliban.

> Now, is this over oil? No. Because we now have several other major
> sources of oil (Canada, Mexico, Russia). Also, if we wanted more Iraqi
> oil, it would be cheaper and easier on all of us just to ask the UN to
> lift the sanctions against Iraq. We are more interested in the potential
> of Iraq spoiling and destabilizing the region, attacking Israel, and
> funding more terrorist attacks (possibly with weapons of mass
> destruction). There is a clear and present danger.

Then why did you buy almost 300 million bbls of oil from Iraq in 2001? (they were
your 6th largest supplier of crude oil according to the State Dept.)

> So, hopefully I've explained why we don't invade Pakistan and why we are
> targeting Iraq.

Unfortunately all I see is inconsistency and hidden assumptions which aren't
being examined.

> K'aya K'ama,
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