Marc, it amazes me how deep you are on so many things, but then you go
and say something that really shows you didn't fully think it through.

An action by a person really doesn't mean much if it doesn't turn out as
it should. Yes, Carter went to N Korea and supposedly defused the
situation in 1994. He got them to sign a piece of paper promising to not
build anymore Nuclear weapons. Now we find that piece of paper wasn't
worth anything. It was a fraud, and if Carter's Nobel prize is based on
that exercise in futility, then maybe he should give it back.  Don't
forget, the Nobel commission hands out prizes to all kinds, even Arafat
has one. I'm just waiting for them to give one to Saddam Hussein, for his
efforts in bringing about peace in the Middle East by financing the
support of those poor suicide-bomber widows in Palestine.

Reagan refused to sign papers, without verification. It makes sense to
not give away your defenses without ensuring the enemy is also going to
abide by that piece of paper. Carter never got any verification added to
that piece of paper, so N Korea got billions from us in aid, and lots of
help in improving their nuclear capabilities.  He's supposed to be a
world genius, and an ex president. You'd think he would have outgrown
that naive stage years ago (like maybe during his 4 years as president),
and not be now gasping in amazement that the communists lied to him

I'm glad he is against war. But he is a danger to the world, because he
is too naive in his search for peace. Or is it that he's too willing to
give up our freedoms in hopes of having peace? I wouldn't trust Carter to
negotiate a treaty between peanut farmers and cotton farmers, much less
have him making silly treaties like this.

The reality is, the proof is in the pudding. A piece of paper means
nothing. Nixon's withdrawal from Vietnam "with honor" was just as naive
or stupid. Not long after the withdrawal, the South fell to the North.
There was no "with honor" in the effort. Given the outcome, we should
have pulled out in 1968 and saved 40,000 American lives and billions of

George Sr's treaties with Iraq are also showing wear and tear. Iraq is
laughing at the agreements. Of course we need to go back in, in order to
cram that paper down Saddam's little throat!

And Clinton's treaties for England/Ireland, Israel/Palestine, and several
others are in the toilet, also. We're killing trees for no reason
whatsoever, because no one is willing to put teeth into any of these

You'll note I haven't spared either political party. The reality is,
people are either trustworthy or they aren't. A wise man learns to
quickly recognize just who is going to play nice and by the rules, and
who isn't. Any honest historian would have told you that the Palestinians
and N Koreans and Iraqis would not keep their promises, unless it was
beneficial to them. How? Because history shows a pattern of lies and
deceit. the leopard does not change his spots easily.

There are only two types of events that have gotten people to actually
change: conversion to the gospel, and total humiliation through an
all-out war.  Germans and Japanese aren't militarily aggressive anymore,
because they were so devastated in war, it changed their world-view
suddenly. It took being shell-shocked as bad as they were in Dresden and
Hiroshima, to make serious changes. 

We either have to convert these terrorist nations to the gospel to get
them to change, or we need to bomb them into the Stone Age, then rebuild
them in our likeness.

A piece of paper just will not do. Unless it gives the bad guy a mean
paper cut....

And Carter isn't an American. He's a wacko.

K'aya K'ama,
Gerald/gary  Smith    gszion1    http://www
"No one is as hopelessly enslaved as the person who thinks he's free."  -
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Incidentally, just to twit those who belittle Jimmy Carter's long
crusade against war, it was Carter who went to Pyongyang about 6 or 7
years ago and defused the last dangerous situationt here. Maybe Bush
should use Carter this time, too ;-)

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