Marc, this back-and-forth between us has long ago degenerated into 
name-calling and accusations from your part, to the point that I am no 
longer enjoying the correspondence and find myself tempted to respond to 
you in kind. That's silly, of course; there is no point in being on a 
discussion list that raises bad feelings. So go ahead and have The Last 
Word in the discussions. Claim you meant the opposite of what you said. 
Claim you said the opposite of what you said. Say that black is white, 
up is down, and Canada is south. Whatever. I've had more than enough of 
this discussion. Congratulations! Your perseverence has won you yet 
another round.

But don't think this means I won't respond any more to your comically 
anti-US remarks or point out glaring flaws in your logic. I'll just try 
to be nicer about it, and not to care too much when you refuse to admit 
to what you said and do a 180 while claiming you're facing the same 
direction as always.


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