I use the Interlinear Bible by Jay P. Green with the The Strongest Strongs
Concordance.  The Interlinear Bible by Green comes in two flavors; there is
a 4 volume set that doesn't have the Strong numbers in it and there is a one
volue set that does. I had both and ended up selling the 4 volume set
because I liked having the Strongs information in the book. Both sets use
what I believe is called the literal translation of the bible, somewhat
different than the KJV.

You just have to have good eyes or a good pair of glasses to use it. While
this approach doesn't necessarily teach you the language fundamentals, it
does give you insights into the Hebrew and Greek word applications.

I have picked up an old Latin bible and a basic teach yourself Latin book
and got thoroughly annoyed because challenge of reading the old latin text.


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Date: Tuesday, October 29, 2002 5:00:36 PM
Subject: [ZION] Study Bible in Hebrew, Greek, etc.


Does anyone know of an accurate study Bible in the original Hebrew and
Greek? I would like to learn more about those biblical languages and I
figure that this is the way to do it. However, I am unsure of which
Bible to purchase. There are different interlinear ones, but what I am
looking for doesn't necessarily have to be interlinear.

I wouldn't mind something that included Latin or Aramaic as well. There
was such a book that one of the Church Father's put together, but the
name of it escapes me. Does something like that exist today?

Thank you for your input,

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